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It’s a Guzmania (A collecting expedition in the rainforest.) It's at least 98 degrees and 98 percent humidity. The equatorial sun beats down with relentless fury. You are sweating profusely as you trudge through the forest, your body aching from impossible hikes and endless hours in rickety jeeps over rutted roads. A purple headed Chimborazo hummingbird buzzes overhead and then launches straight up into the forest canopy as if to mock your earth bound existence. You feel a fever coming on and begin longing for the stiff cot in the primitive hotel room tonight. The rapping of the rain on the corrugated metal roof will audibly massage your wounded body and the strum of nylon string guitars downstairs will audibly massage your wounded mind. You just sank up to your knees in some hidden muck in the brush as you carve your way through the undergrowth with your faithful machete, desperately hoping that the deadly Fer-de-Lance pit viper is fast asleep over that next hill. Alas, another slash of vegetation (that will be grown back before you clear customs in Miami next week) reveals a dazzling array of red floral bracts atop burgundy-green foliage. It's a Guzmania! It's all been worth it! The Guzmanias are the darlings of the Bromeliad hybridizers. The hybrids in commercial cultivation today are the result of decades of work and experimentation by a handful of dedicated growers in Holland, Belgium, Germany and the U.S. Bringing a Guzmania, or for that matter any Bromeliad into your home, is to experience a little of the tropical rain forest without destroying any of it or even working up a sweat. You can fantasize about sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Quito, a cool breeze caressing the nape of your neck, sipping Fanta while discussing the day's discovery which may become the parent of an award winning hybrid at the next Bromeliad World Conference. Cheated the Fer-de-Lance again!
Carmichael, CA
It's a Guzmania!