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Message from Ron All of us need beauty around us--not synthetic or contrived beauty--but real, natural (even living) beauty--something that will comfort our souls while beautifying our homes and offices. Welcome toTreeborne Gardens--The Catalogue. The Catalogue will introduce you to the exciting family of Bromeliads (bro-meel-ee-adds) and the Genus of Tillandsia--some of the world's most beautiful plants. These easy to grow, exotic plants are now available on-line bringing FedEx or U.S. Mail delivery right to your door. I am now specializing in wholesale bare root Tillandsias. If you are in the plant or craft business and want a reliable source for Tillandsias, I have them. Click “The Plants” page to see what I offer and to order. Please take a few minutes to explore the rain forest with me (It’s a Guzmania!) and browse the following pages to gain an appreciation for these beautiful plants and consider the gift possibilities for family, friends, business associates or even yourself. Ron Callison
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Message from Ron